Is it posible to make a renderer in Python?

Is it possible to make a renderer in Python? I think it is, but I want to be sure.

Would it be easier to make in Blender because you can import meshes, scenes, materials and such?

I’m sure you could if you REALLY wanted to. Python, I’ve heard, is a really slow language though. What’s wrong with Blender or Yafray?

I was just wondering. I know Python is really slow, but I just thought it would be cool to make one. Upload the script, then press render.

The only problem with YafRay and Blender is the Internal Caustics. You know, like when light is shining through a window, the whole room it’s shining into will glow brighter, not were just the window is. I have to up the GI Power, though on the outside it would be really bright.