Is it possibel to constraint rig to object?

so i want to make an animation of a person (Rigify) lifting something with 2 hands. i want both of the hand IK to follow the object.

if it’s possible can anyone explain?

In Pose mode, you can give the IK controllers a Child Of constraint with the object as Target

i’ve tried that, but i can only move the object in object mode, and the whole rig follows it. did i do something wrong?

you can only move the object in object mode: This is normal, the object is not a part of your character’s armature, but in what way is it a problem? The whole rig follows it: this is not normal, you must have given the constraint to the whole armature in the Object Constraints tab, it’s not the way to do it, you need to switch to Pose mode, select the bone, and choose the Bone Constraints tab

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i’m such a dumbass, i use object constraint instead of bone constraint…

sorry for the late reply and thanks for the help.