is it possible in cycles ....

is it possible in cycles to have a light (=plane with emission material) that effects only the glossyness on exactely one (!) material in the scene, but no others ?

i want use this in the situation of a portrait of a person with glasses, and the eyeballs should receive their reflections from that mentioned light, to show the highlights that makes them lively, , but the glasses should not be effected by this light, as here the reflections of the light are disturbing. … is this possible with cycles materials and lights ?

I thin you can determine this with render layers

ok, i need experiment more with this, so far i only succeded to render the eyes separately on a layer, but the lights seem always effect all layers, whether it belongs to a render layer or not. but i am still new to blender, so i try more in the direction of your advise. i am sure i am missing something right now. thanks.

Sorry, wrong thread.
Cheers, mib.

You can make it only effect glossy under the ray tracing settings.