Is it possible in Cycles?

Hi. I wanna create snow glint efffect by using cycles. It easy in Blender render. But how i will make it in nodes.
So here what i need after the plane and lamps created:

turn off diffuse for the lamp
create a cloud texture with Size-0, Depth-6,Contrast-5,Brightness-0,turn off color, turn on specularity intencity in the texture menu and turn off specularity in materials menu

Please, waiting for response. Thanks.

Yes - it is possible. I experimented with this very thing a while back. I’ll see if I can dig out my experiments later.

a few things I did try though. Try running a noisy normal map through a glossy. Also tried a basic noise texture throgh a glossy too. Try boosting the colour of the glossy above 1 to give brighter glints.

Quick and dirty…
And composit a bit

Thank you! Very helpful.

May be I’m to late =)
There is my material on blendswap: But beware - it’s scale-dependent.

^^ Looks pretty good.

OP if you want to use this (or similar) material but make it scale independent - consider using the vector transform node. It allows you to fix your texture to world scale and therefore keep the texture details the same size regardless of the object scale.