is it possible make a game like runescape ?

no need for so much people online, 50 would be fine.

As for how long it would take…This depends on your current skill level when it comes to game development.

Assuming you know next to shit at this point; I would say about 7 years. - 5 if you’re disciplined.

you can look at it at offical site:

how many people do i need to make it? one artist and one programmer would be enough?

how many people do i need to make it? one artist and one programmer would be enough?

Possibly, but as Social said it probably would take many years. Also consider the multiple skills each of these 2 people would have to have or learn (texturing, game design, modeling, audio, networking, AI, web content, etc etc).

Go to the runescape homepage and select Customer Support -> Jagex ->Full Credits List. to see how many people it takes to create and maintain such a game. There are 30 people listed under the Graphics Team alone.

You could make it with one person, but I’d doubt you’d get finished before you get bored/tired of making it. And ya it would take a long time and right now the GE will probably not be able to handle that much but in the 5+ years, who knows where the GE will be. But before you start anything think about how you will do everything, do you know how to make customizable outfits, do you have network code, can you make click to walk stuff (pathfinding), think of every little thing you want to do and how you will do it before you start doing anything otherwise you will probably fail or have a really hard time doing it. And don’t just skip doing something or thinking about it because it’s easy, some stuff isnt as easy as it sounds. And then after you have done all that you will probably have to work around a few bugs and all that fun stuff, so be prepared.

After you are done with all that the have fun on your game.

Is it possible? Yes, probably.

Is it feasible? No.


Not to mention, after all this, you have to find a nice server that’ll be up and running 24 hours a day, with maintenance to fix any problems, make sure it’s not easily hackable, etc. The list goes on and on.

Jason Lin

I was actually looking for an answer like “Not yet because nobody’s figured out how to get blender to go multiplayer yet…”, but I haven’t found that. Is this a good thing?

blender can do multiplayer stuff with external libraries if I am not mistaken.

I think one was called “blender zoo”
and another was called cresent dawn.

I might be wrong about that though.

I don’t know about about “blender zoo”, but Cresent Dawn was a demo, not an external library.

IIRC, Cresent Dawn used the “Twisted” networking framework. Although, it is possible to write your own system with the already present python sockets.

The socket is the easy part, atlest simple-like, I made a working demo in less than a day, people could login and walk around, chat and logout… I am currently rewriting it but found some bugs that are preventing me from making it perfect so right now am trying to make patches for them in the GE… I’ll upload the .blend and .py files when I’m done though…

But multiplayer is the easy part

sorry if it’s a bit off topic but what is the hard part ? the account ?

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