Is it possible: Posing Particle Made Hairs?

Hi all guys;

I’m currently working over this model and i’d like to know if i can actually “pose” or interact with particle hairs (like in the pic that is uploaded, note those are just random particle hair that i’ve used to simulate and find the right value for hair collision); the hairs are pretty long and reach the knee, and one of the goals tha ti have in mind is being able to control those hairs so if i want i can quick pose them to enhance a bit the animaton that i’m going to do

my idea was like: using some bones to control some strand so at a certain keyframe the hairs (for example) can be in a different position that isnot dictated by physic

example: she’s sitting on a chair and i want her “back hairs” to be over on her legs rather than jsut falling, following the physic, behind her back

sorry for the question, but have you tried using the comb?


yes i know about that section i used that to comb my hairs and put on the desired hairstyle, but want i meant was being able to “pose” the particle hairs and keyframe it for animation purpose or static pose, without combing them each time, coz i wil lhave many hair parent strands

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Use the force field curve guide