Is it possible to add a totally white background with the Filmic View Transform in the Compositor?


I’ve got a 3D model that renders with the Filmic View Transform (in the Color Management area). The background however, has to be totally white.
In the compositor, if a white color (for the background) is chosen with the Alpha Over Node, the background becomes grey. This is because of the Filmic View Transform. With the Standard View transform and the Medium Contrast Look, the background is good but the 3D model has to much contrast.
Is it possible to use the Filmic View Transform and add a white background with the Compositor in Blender?

Now, to make this work, the post process is done in Photoshop…

Thanks in advance!

Try boosting the value in HSV of the white in the alpha over from 1 to say 5 maybe?

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Problem is the filmic view transform is always applied at the very last. Only correct way I can think of is to render the object in filmic and do the compositing in a new scene or blender file with the standard view transform.


Add a math node to a white RGB input and set it value to 14. Will get a white background but also get some edge issues. To avoid that I would work with standard view transform and adjust light rigs and some post. If isn’t the case best solution would be what you’re already doing or composite in a new blender file in standard view transform. Considering you’re working across multiple softwares, standard mode will avoid a lot of headaches.

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Yup, that would be similar to boosting the ‘value’ in hsv, pushing the white beyond 255.


Thanks everyone for the advise!

Increasing the Add value works.