Is it possible to add new tools icons to interface 2.82

Hi, is it possible to create and add new icons for the toolbar and link them to the sub list items in 2.82?

Maybe it could help …
Adding icon to toolshelf in 2.8

2.8: How to add a button to the toolbar?

In your specific case, why not just use the keyboard shortcuts to access the submenu directly.
For example, to work on Vertex = CTRL + V and automatically a drop-down window appears with all the options …

You can also group all of this in a Quick Favorite …

… … and then you can access it directly with the Q key (default)

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Thank you, will look into it, not very good with scripting, and could not memorise short cuts very well. I am a mouse man. :woozy_face:

Wow, a mouse man :mouse2:. . . so with a super classy mouse with lots of keys. . . which will therefore be used to receive, for example the call from Quick Favorites.

In the preferences of blender> Keymap> Change the Q key and assign it to any key of your mouse.

Now you talking. This will be a very good compromise , i didn’t think that was possible. Thank’s again.