Is it possible to add segments to a path with a moving object?

Hey Guys,
like the title already says i want to add segments to a curve with a moving object so that the curve represents the path the object has moved.
By the way, the object’s movements are controlled by the player.
Would be nice if someone would have a solution.

Dr. Console

What do you mean a path/curve? How do you want to use this curve later? Sounds like you’re trying to record player/object motion?

Curves are basically a list of points with tangent information (bezier curves). Digging into how these curves are built, stored and accessed could be hard so IMO the best way to get a curve representing that is to abandon the idea of using BGE predefined curves. Instead record object motion path by storing the object.worldPosition and object.worldOrientation at regular interval and use that to compose a list you can later use as you want.

Hey, first thanks for the quick response.
I don’t know if you’ve ever heard about the game “IPCurve”.
My idea was to produce a clone of it to get to know with the BGE and maybe enhence it in some way.
So what I’m searching for is a way to produce a visible line representing the way the object moved, which let the object end if it gets in contact with it.
I hope you understand my idea now, even if my english is not the best.

Dr. Console