Is it possible to animate a colorband ?

Now that they are everywhere, wouldn’t that be cool ?


I am no exactly sure what you mean but you can get some sort of animated color band this way:

  1. Make a material and add blend texture on it. Add a nice colorband for the texture.
  2. Keyframe the color of the material at the first frame.
  3. Keyframe the color of the material at the end frame of the animation.

This is a very simple way to produce a colorband animation yet it would be even better if the texture could keyframed (I am not sure if this is possible). Perhaps there’s a workaround for this.

I was thinking of the colorband itself but your technique gives interesting results.


No, only the (mainly noise) functions of the texture in the procedural tab.


Remember that you can use movies as textures, so you can animate textures that way. You could get some pretty complex warping effects if you map the movie onto displacement. 8)

Knellotron : thanks although I have a thing for procedurals…
I love your movie :slight_smile:

Fligh : in my maddest dreams I wish that the architecture of blender would easily allow for anything that can take a value of whatever type, existing or invented could be animated with IPOs and the rest. Let the users sort it out and create unsuspected wonders.