Is it possible to append sculpt brushes from many blend-files at once?

I have a large number of blend-files with sculpt brushes, I would like to append them to one blend-file at once. Is it possible? Maybe there are some addons, but I did not find anything on this topic.

You cannot append from different Blends at one time same as you can’t open more than 1 Blend at a time…

You want to manage your Brushes and have them all at hand in one Blend file so you need Brush Manager…

You can append from several blend files, at condition that they are not stored at locations very distant in tree of hard drive.

For that, you have to change the level of Recursion from none to Blend files for .blend files located under same folder.

If there are blend files under a cascade of folders, you have to open path of parent folder containing smaller ones and increase level of recursion.
Maximum level of recursion supported is three levels.

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Yes, this is a nice plugin, but in my case I need to collect a many number of sculpt brushes in one file.

Thank you, it is work great.

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