Is it possible to bake reflections?

If you have a scene that you’re rendering one layer at a time, is it possible to have reflections from objects falling onto objects on other layers?

In had the same pb, but didnt find time to find the answer for yet …

In any case you can perhaps add a render layer that only gives you the reflection pass with all objects enabled, and object ID to get them separately afterwards .

Baking reflections (into texture) is not possible . . . but what you describe is.

Hopefully this picture is worth a thousand words:


If not, let me know.

BTW: The red cube is on layer 2, everything else is on layer 1.

So It’s like AO and other features, it works only by enabling the layers on they are …

Thanks Cire ! I dont know why I had the feel it dont works with relfections ! :spin:

Oh sick! This could be used for really interesting stuff! Thanks for answering Snadpit’s question Cire :slight_smile: