Is it possible to bake several action strips into one animation?

I have an animated mesh and two action strips; one is pose deformations for the character, the other is object rotation. What I would like to do is to bake all transformations in both strips into a single [exportable] action. One that rotates the object on the keyframes, while the pose changes play out.

It plays like this in the editor, but the editor is playing both clips. What I want is a single baked animation that incorporates both.

Is this possible to do in Blender?

You can try to bake it. Select your strips, spacebar, bake action. Depending on your rigs you might need visual if you are using contraints. This will put a keyframe on every frame you designate as the step and produce a new action you can see in the dope sheet action editor.

Thank you for your reply :cool:… But this I have done several times, and what I get is a bake of the pose data. It’s why I asked if this was impossible… because it’s starting to seem to be.

The problem is this: I have a left turn animation that I repeat three times in the NLA editor. I rotate the object every 10 frames… This animates a smooth 360° turn. But so far every attempt at combining these two animations for export, results in a figure that faces front, and turns to the left three times; (abruptly restarting face front for each turn). What’s happening is that the object rotations are never exported.

I never found out if it was possible to bake several strips into one action strip, but I did stumble upon my solution… It seems that by baking each channel, and then selecting the mesh object ultimately affected by both channels caused animations to be included when exported. Tricky too… If anything other than that mesh were selected instead, the export doesn’t work. Anyway, problem solved; workflow learned. :slight_smile: