Is it possible to bake texture from an object to an object?

When you bake normals, is it also possible to bake th textures of the HiRes model to the lower model.

I know you can project and paint textures by hand, but this doesn’t seem to be the perfect solution, when a HiRes object has details which stick out of the surface, and the lower model hasn’t got any surface on that location…

Once (if) the HiPoly model gets textured/mapped,
the details like the shoelaces need to be in the exact position in alignment with the normal map.
If you can projection bake the textures (ambient occlusion/diffuse/specular/normals/height) all at once (like baking the normals), then these will all have very precise and exact results.

HiPoly Reference model “soldiers boot”:
“baker” - 613824 Tris

HiQuality InGame model “soldiers boot”:
“bakee” - 196 Tris

When you bake normals, is it also possible to bake th textures of the HiRes model to the lower model.

Yes, the same method as baking normals, just seleting Texture.

Cool, thanks!

Now I just have to texture the HiPoly Reference model.
Thanks for putting a smile on my face! :slight_smile:

I always start with a lowpoly object. Adding a subsurf might get you most time a highpoly object.

Advantages this way concerning the texture baking:

You still have the same mesh shape. If you unwrap it whether low- or highpoly you have the same UV. So it is easy to assin the highpoly texure map to the lowpoly and it fits perfect.

Thanks for your insights. :wink:

What I tend to do (and did) is this:

  • Create the Highest in-game poly first,
  • then to extract the low LOD’s from this one;
  • and subsurf the reference model.

But since in game models aren’t bound to the quad meshes, especially the low LOD’s.
I create these by hand, since these are (IMO) allowed to use Triangles, which does break subsurf functionality.
I’m a bit old fashioned when it gets to modeling I guess.

But as you refer to the unwrap of these, I hope to be able to create the baked texture on the in-game HiQuality.
Then to use the same texture to manually unwrap the lower LOD’s onto.
With in mind, that lower LOD’s do not require as much attention to detail as the high LOD model. If the High LOD model looks seamless I’m satisfied, the rest will use the same texture, so the uv will not be optimized, but this saves in terms of memory/load.

But I have to see how this works out still.

Most important for a good UVmap are loopcuts. If you have both models low and highpolies set up with the same loopcuts it works fine too.

I only work with quads. I think it also doesn’t matter for the engine. It just converts the quads to tris.

Good point.