Is it possible to bake the viewport shader to the render?

Hello everyone!

So I’m the worst at rendering in Blender… I usually just use Blender for modeling and then I render everything in Unreal Engine 4.

I start sculpting recently and I got a shader that is giving me a very stylized look to my Volcano creature:

But when I change to render or material view, since I only applied color, its showing flat color (there isn’t the light edges and the ambient oclusion) | (Since I’m a new user I can’t upload more than 1 image so I can’t show the other one)

Is it possible to bake the texture I’m getting from the sculpting shader so I can apply and then see it on the render view?
(Sorry If I make it look confused, English ain’t my native language and I don’t know much about rendering and the all shading graph in Blender)


For baking materials you want to use Cycles as a render engine instead off eevee or workbench.
here is a tutorial that shows you how to use the ambient occlusion node materials. You still need to know how to set up uv-maps and how baking works, but there are plenty off tutorials on youtube

best regards Andersh