Is it possible to bias motion blur?

I’m asking this question under compositing/post-processing, since I’m figuring it would apply to vector blurring rather than rendered.

I’m finding Blender works quite well for the kind of stuff I do (I really like how Cycles renders), but I noticed something when comparing a similar 3D animation I made in other software. The other program allows backwards and forward bias to the motion blur. That is, you can have the result more blurry trailing (or even leading) the quickly moving object. While it may not always be the most realistic thing, it actually looks really good in animation. (And has it’s uses in stills too, similar to having a delay flash in photography.)

Thus the question in the title. Is such an effect possible in Blender, and if so, what would be the best method for approaching it?

You might start by looking here at a method of using time remapping in the render panel to generate a set of subframes to recombine in the vse or node compositor:

You might try different methods of weighting the subframes.