Is it possible to blur a painted texture?

I’m having a bit of a problem with a simple hand-painted (b/w) texture that I would like to blur, however blurring causes visible seams in the texture because it causes the pixels from outside of the UV islands to affect those that are inside and the UV projection isn’t perfectly to scale, so once projected onto the mesh, different areas are blurred at different ammounts and it also causes seams to appear.
I tried using the blurring tool in texture painting mode, but since that appears to use screen space, it’s really hard to avoid errors.
Is this something that can only be done in more sophisticated texture painting software or is there a workaround for this?

In case it helps, this is what the image looks like:

like that ?
can be done in any external image editor
like GIMP ect.

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he means a way to do it in blender not external tools, i also wondering the same thing to do it through a node setup.

in blender you can use the compositor blur node

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The compositor might work, but It would require me to render a pass that isolates that specific texture, which also has a layer of hair on it, then blur it without blurring the hair and combine it with the combined pass somehow and I have no Idea how to do that properly. Blurring it in an image editor isn’t really possible due to the inconsistent texel size. If all UV islands were perfectly to scale proportionally to each other that could work, but I’d also have to repaint the texture. Anyways, if it’s not possible, it’s not really that big of a problem…

you can try texture paint and use the blur brush, or use this :

blur the texture and bake the result , that should solve seams and scaling issues !

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