Is it possible to celebrate a Blender 2.5 UI design contest??

During blender 25 development I have seen some mockups or UI ideas by different blender users. Some of them was Ecletiel’s nice videos and tb1alexc. But William proposal/guidelines has always been the main UI design accepted by the developers.

In blender conference will be presented some more ideas for the interface.

We are accepting papers on a wide range of Blender development related topics, including: - proposals for roadmaps, future Blender design or UI concepts

I don’t know if blender developers want to change the actual mockup. Perhaps one blender fan do some mockup and he has wasted his time. I think that the best way to promote the design of new mockups could be with a contest/challenge. The prize could be simbolic, for example one item of the blender Shop (for example Venom DVD). The prize it is not important, what it is important is the oportunity that blender users participate more in the design. I insist, I don’t know if blender developers really want to change the actual mockup. But if they want to see new mockups I think that the best way will be with a contest. The selection of the UI design in that way will be open. Blender users could see the proposals, and vote. The winners design will be chosen by all the community and not only by one person. I think this is the philosophy of the open software.

What do blender users think?

have you tried a blender 2.5 build yet ?
they redesign a lot of it already, I’m not sure they are going to redo again and again the UI. perhaps who knows, but I would be surprise :slight_smile:

for instance, they redesign all UI componements. but if you are talking about the layout of those button, it’s driven by a python file now, which will let you create the layout you want in each category.

I’m 100% happy with the current UI. I rather team up with what I consider module UI owners such as william on the interface and jendrzych on icon-set.

go ahead and have a contest that would be sweet :smiley: Im afraid my concept sketches would be way to radical to implement.

remember if you ever have coded a interface, that small design choices can radically alter the code behind (No it should work like this, click her , it becomes that etc) - I am afraid to say.

go with what we have and finnish blender2.5 then , we can theme it how we want, load our own icon sets etc… the GUI is IMO pretty carved in stone. - and I like it alot. simple , clean… feels web2.0 :slight_smile:

Some of these UI design propositions could be used to other 3D projects too. Or consentrate on a particular task breaked apart from Blender. It may be good to design other smaller programs too so that learning Blender does not cause a knowledge barrier in the 3D development.


It can be concept art also … fun to see. Well I am game.!

A random button could be fun to change color scheme, like in Winamp (but that’s not random).

I’d love to see a page like these for blender in the future
( > the beginning :yes:) > Raaaahhhh!