Is it possible to center image based on motion tracking

I have thousands of SDO images of the Sun, like the one below, but due to issues with the camera, some of the images are not centered perfect, it seems like around 7:30 AM the images will move around a few pixels, and when I try to manually edit them, I find that the whole series seems to have shifted a few pixels from that point on, so I can smooth them out, but not eliminate the jumpiness.

I do not know of any tools that can fix this in a batch job, there are about 30,000 images in a years worth of images, and I am making a video on them (, you will notice that its missing a lot of images, due to camera issues, so it speeds up and slows down, and it jumps if there are to many missing sequences, but my thought was to use motion tracking to center the images on the plane I project them onto, but I have no idea how to do that, or if its even possible, any thoughts on this would be great, thanks in advance.