Is it possible to change a node from the command line?

Is there a way to change the value of a node (i.e. RGB node) from the command line? I want to make one material and just change the RGB or HSV values to then render a simple scene with that material to make a material thumbnail catalog.

You can try to copy to the script window the string, that changes the color, from the Info window. Then you can run blender from command line with starting this scirpt.

@8vit Helped me out with this one on blender chat. Thank you @8vit! Here’s the solution for Windows:

blender.exe -b < your blend file path here > --python-expr “import bpy;[’< your material name here >’].node_tree.nodes[‘RGB’].outputs[0].default_value = (< R value >, < G value >, < B value >, 1)” -f 1 --render-output < your destination path >

You might want to swap “” for ‘’ when using another OS.