Is it possible to change the pivot of a linked group?

Hey guys,

I’ve created a mesh group and want to use it as an instance in another file. The linking via File => Link works fine. But the pivot is always the center of the source file’s scene. My source file contains multiple groups and the scene gets quite messy if I have to move all of them close to the scene’s origin.

Is there any way to change a linked group’s pivot to anything else than the source scene’s center?

I just found the solution to this problem and wanted to post it in case someone stumbles over this thread in the future.

  1. Open the scene in which your group is located and set your 3D cursor to the location where you want to group’s origin to be.
  2. Select any object that is part of your group and open the object’s properties (the yellow cube icon in the property panel).
  3. Look for the section titled “Groups”. Your object should be assigned to at least one group.
  4. Click on the down-facing black arrow and select “Set offset from Cursor”. The coordinates in the box below will change to the 3D cursor’s location

That’s it. The instanced group now uses the new pivot.