Is it possible to color code objects in the outliner?

Hi guys,

Still learning blender so sorry if this is a noob question, search didn’t turn up anything.

I was wondering if there is a way native or addon to add color tags to objects in outliner for ease of organization. It is getting really hard to navigate in large scenes and it would help so much if you can color code objects in the outliner.

Anyone know of a way?


Not at the moment. It is being worked on as a GSOC project:

The programmer is quite certain he can get the feature in, it’s just exactly how people want it to be presented that is up in the air. There are so many suggestions and mockups presented that he’s asked people to hold off on posting any further so that ideas can be discussed and digested.

Edit: Actually I just looked and he has begun implementing (early stages) the feature based on the user feedback and that of William Reynish (the UI lead).

That’s great! Looking forward to it.