Is it possible to convert a vertex into a sphere?

I have imported an old style vrml file into Blender. However, it is composed of many vertices which I would dearly like to convert to spheres of some sort. I even think meta balls would work well too.
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance

If your vrml is one, single, mesh object then you can parent a sphere to it and turn on dupliverts in the object buttons, which will create a virtual sphere at each vert. Make the virtual spheres real with Ctrl-Shft-A.


If it’s just clusters of verts then you’re SOL. Sorry. Blender would have no idea how you wanted to connect those verts.

It is a single mesh object and there appears to be the proper connectivity between each vertex. I am trying to do the “parenting” and “dupliverts” idea from Fligh %, but I’m quite new to Blender so it could take me awhile.

I did do the Castle tutorial though :wink: so I am not completely clueless.