Is it possible to copy keyframes for lights?

Basically, I have flashing colored lights and I would like to alternate between them. I already have the keyframes for one of the lamp’s emission values, so I would like to somehow copy this to the other light.

Yep, you can do this sort of thing in the dopesheet, it’s ideal for that.

EDIT: Small video showing how to…

It looks like if you copy paste a node from a material to another it won’t keep the keyframes, but if two objects use the same material they will share the same keyframes, keyframes are part of the material

I’m a bit confused. Could you elaborate please?

I tried that… But I can’t move the key frames to another object.

you can copy a node from a material to another, but it won’t keep the keyframes… I think the only thing you can do is to give your object A the material of the object B, or duplicate this material and make the small changes you want

Okay, maybe I could also just duplicate the key framed object and then change the material. Do you think that would work?

I think this would a graph editor thing, sorry, misread the question. First make a keyframe for the secondary object, so you have an FCurve to react to. Select your lamp, in the graph editor, open up the strength channel, select all and ctrl+c to copy. Go to your target lapm, open the strength up for that and paste. Job done.

Hm, alright, I’ll give it a try!

Just uploaded another small video showing me copying emission values and playign with htem in the graph editor.