Is it possible to create a video player created from the game engine?

Is is possible to create a video player in game Blender that the end user can open videos and play them in? I would like to create a variable speed video player.

Yes it is possible. Use video texture.

Certainly you can play video and audio from blender, even make an interface to select your videos, but BGE hasn’t been designed to work as a fully featured videoplayer so expect some restrictions. For instance I don’t think there is any api to control the speed. If you’re looking to make a videoplayer without 3d elements look at GStreamer, you could also mix both, probably.

I actually have been making a file browser in the BGE and it’s working. It can load images, text files, browse your computer. I haven’t worked on it for a long time though.

Yup @ original question. I’ve done it at work. Also I’ve used BGE as a real time motion graphics engine. There are a few things to consider. I don’t have time to mention them now so I’ll be back another time and post again. Good luck to us in our adventures!

Thanks all… Just like the old days on here… you guys rock!