Is it possible to create a working .blend file entirely from a Python IDE?

After reading a way to compile the blender source into a importable Python module I wanted to try making anything I want in blender without ever using blender’s GUI.

Is this possible? A way to, for example, create a fully-developed game and/or simply an animation in blender with just a Python IDE?

I’m wondering if I could even create my own objects and such from code.
Yes, I understand that the tooltips tell me how to do a specific task in Python, but to see those tooltips Blender has to be open and I’m just trying to fully rely on the compiled module.

In theory, yes, you could. In practice, it would be a challenge.

You have full access to most of the tools via python, but it might be a little clunky.

Great! Yeah, I’ve been looking through the blender/python docs and a few different tutorials on how to use blender with python, but there doesn’t seem to be much relating to what I’m looking for.

I think I’ll give it a shot, regardless. If I succeed maybe I’ll make a tutorial so everyone can benefit.

My first step: Draw a cube to the screen without ever opening blender