Is it possible to create a working road network that connects objects in Blender?


I am new to Blender. I have experience using ArcGIS from school and through work. And some experience with Python.

I am wondering if it is at all possible to create a game in Blender that involves a network that connects objects through which information is exchanged. For example:

A user would create “parcels” that would then be connected to each other through a “road” network that is drawn by the user. Or vice versa, where the “parcels” could be placed by a user along a “road” network that has been drawn by the user.

Each “parcel” would connect to the “road” network at a node at the center of the edge bordering the network. A “residential” type parcel could then search along the “road” network for the closest “commercial” or “industrial” parcel and create a link based on a set of attributes (jobs available, need, etc). If this link is found, a procedural building would be placed on the “parcel.”

Attributes of the “road” network (speed, congestion, width) would determine the time it takes to travel the network from “parcel” to “parcel” along any given path. And, eventually little cars could be shown traveling the network, generated at the nodes that connect “parcels” to “roads.”

This game would be a combination of SimCity, Cities XL, and ArcGIS. I wanted to know if this is possible through Blender, regardless of the amount of time, experience, or people it would take.

If so, are there any good resources I could check out that explain and show examples of how one might start to create such a network through Blender. If not, can anyone recommend an alternative starting point?

Thank you for taking the time to read.

i would try to run a Astar algorithm on the road network, from start to end of the destination.
This would give you a path back. The longer the path is, the longer it takes to reach this. This Value could be used as a quality.

I did this once my own way, but it wasnt very performant, because every road had to check his neighbor roads to find out if there is a connnection or not.

This is interesting, i’ll need the same soon in my project. Fortunately i found a good working algorithm here, wich i will use for that.

Thank you for the reply sevi.

Yes, I have decided that the Astar algorithm would probably be used for pathfinding since there are so many examples out there and instructions on using it. Though, once I get the base program down I might play around with some others.

Hopefully, the performance would not suffer too much in what I am trying to do since a path will only have to be found either when the parcel is first created, or if the path is broken for some reason (connected parcel or road is deleted, etc). Though, obviously the size of the usable area will determine that.

Are there any tutorials on creating these types of networks in Blender? I am new to Blender and am currently going over the basics tutorials, but am not sure where to start when it comes to creating a game that involves a user-created in-game network. I have not been successful when searching for a tutorial on the subject.

Thank you.

well, as i am not able to write my own pathfinding algorythm, i found something here on blenderartist and changed it to my purpose. Have a look on this:

it could probably help…(last entry in Thread)

Maybe the author of the script reads it can help us?