Is it possible to create something like this in Blender?

I’ve been learning Blender for a while and just seem like this is so far beyond what I’m capable of it just seems like it can’t be done!

You’ll have to show us an image :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s late here! Have edited post haha

I’ve certainly seen great car models done by people. The environment and background look like they’ve been added/modified after. They have a ‘painterly’ look to them.

I just cant seem to get the realistic lighting within Blender - mine always seem to look like cartoonish

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Lighting and materials can make all the difference.You can have a fantastic model with poor lighting and texturing and it will look like crap. A mediocre (or even just very simple) model can be made to look amazing with the right lighting and texturing.

If you do a search for the artist of the first image you posted you can find your way to his website which has demo reels with shot breakdowns showing all the stuff added to some of his work (under VFX)

On his CV he has ‘lighting artist’ before ‘3D generalist’ which makes a point.

You can make a great start on lighting simply by finding and using a suitable HDRI image. They tend to work much better than simply chucking a whole load of lights around

I appreciate your help. I think the problem I have currently I’m struggling to find comprehensive tutorials or information on Blender lighting and texturing for this specific type of image.

The image I sent has an HDRI on it with added lighting.

I think the problem with your image, which does not look bad at all, is that the lighting on the car doesn’t 100% match up with the image you have used as a back plate. To be bang on you’d need a matching backplate and HDRI.

It’s most obvious on the side of the car, between the front and rear wheels, where there is some fairly bright light being reflected onto the bottom half.

The composition in that image feels a bit off, the tires are spinning while the car looks standing still and headed right into the sidewalk

It was meant to be when the car first starts off and the back-end comes out a bit when accelerating

Oh that makes sense now

Your car looks “misplaced” in that photo, although the car looks great.
What I’m actually struggling with is the photo itself. Normally when I can see “fog cones” out of the lights the conditions are misty or foggy, which in turn makes the background vanish. Yet here there is tons of moisture around the lights yet we can see pretty much forever.

Also, in night conditions, both artificially lighted and in darker scenes, colors don’t respond the same way they do in daylight. I’m used to mostly sodium lights in my neighborhood though, which is really bad to shoot in :slight_smile: For other lights I can’t really say much.

Yeah you’re right. I think the original back-plate is actually a render?

I had a go at the original image I posted

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