Is it possible to create tear\water drop with such technique in Blender?

Is it possible to animate tear drop along spline in Blender like in this tutorial (for 3d max):

Maybe there is some tutorial for blender or even better - maybe someone will create some simple .blend file with such set up - tear drop is appearing at one end of spline and "extruding’ along its segments to other end leaving ‘trail’ and keeping tear drop form (not just cylinder). Like in tutorial.

OK, so the basics:

  1. Create Teardrop mesh - just stretch out the top of a UV Sphere.

  2. Create Curve - use Bezier for ease.

  3. Add Curve Modifier to Teardrop, with curve as target, set deformation axis to suit.

  4. Create Bezier Curve and flatten it to make the trail shape.

  5. Set Bevel Object of the Bezier Curve in item 2.

  6. Animate the movement of the teardrop along the curve (keyframe some offsets, etc.) Animate the Start and End values of the bevel object to move the trail along the curve.

Tip: Set the Bevel Resolution to Spline for the start and end factors, so the trail keeps uniform to the teardrop…

If you get stuck, post your efforts to date and we will look at them.

Cheers, Clock. :slight_smile:


Refinement: Add a Taper Object to taper the trail from start to finish - all in the manual!

Thank you. I’ve made scene following your tutorial. It worked. Here is blend of simple example


drop.blend (530 KB)

Looks Good! Glad to help.

Cheers, Clock.