Is it possible to define a polygon both ways?

I have an open-ended cone as part of a model I’m working on. The cone looks fine from the outside, but if you see it at an angle the far side isn’t rendered because I have culling on in the application I’m exporting to (right now I have all the polygons defined clockwise when looking at the cone from the outside). Is there a way I could copy the faces of the cone, but redefine them counter-clockwise so that the cone would be visible from the inside?

huh? you mean the normals?

in edit mode, select all, W>flip normals

did you put some light under the cone ?
see attached blend file
to switch to other camera just select the desired camera
and hit CTRL + 0 (in key pad)

also read about face / polygon normals
(just a random movie on youtube didn’t see it , sorry)
see the little blue lines in EDIT MODE

hope that’s helps


cone_test.blend (128 KB)