Is it possible to delete / dissolve any mesh component with one keyboard shortcut?


Is it possible to delete / dissolve any mesh component with one keyboard shortcut? Like press delete to remove a vert, an edge or a face selection?

This wasn’t possible at least with Blender 2.79. So is it possible in 2.8?

Seems like Ctrl + del dissolves any mesh component selection, which is neat, but I didn’t find any shortcut right now for deleting any component (used to have my own operator for that).


Dissolve or delete? Those are different things.
Ctrl+x dissolves current selection based on mode you’re in. For deleting, there isn’t a dedicated one. At one point I also used a custom operator that tried to be “smart” and figure out what was being deleted based on current selection mode, etc. Nowadays, I just hit xf, xv or xe when deletion is needed :slight_smile:

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“Dissolve or delete? Those are different things.”

I think I specified that clearly and I think I know the difference… I first said:
“Is it possible to delete / dissolve any mesh component with one keyboard shortcut?”

And then I added:
“…but I didn’t find any shortcut right now for deleting any component”

So it is clear, that I can dissolve any mesh components with shortcut key, the remaining issue is now / was how to delete any component selection without that annoying menu. Two things.

I do have an extension I’ve written… but I would rather use built-in features if possible. I think I’ll try to convert it to work in 2.81. After all, it is easier to just pick any component and press Alt+del.

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Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that you didn’t know the difference. It’s the “dissolve slash delete” wording that tripped me.

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No problems.

So the current shortcuts that exist by default are (if someone stumbles across this thread):

Ctrl + X - dissolve any components
Ctrl + del - dissolve any components
X>V - delete vertex selection
X>E - delete edge selection
X>F - delete face selection

And I’ll add the delete thing myself. Strange it is missing, as the system already supports this :slight_smile:

When you delete faces, you avoid to delete edges & vertices that are limting boundary of face selection.
Same principle when you delete a selection of sucessive edges, you delete adjacent faces too but you don’t delete vertices at extremities.
But when you delete vertices, you delete everything.

In Blender, a selection of vertices can be a selection of edges and/or a selection of faces. 3 select modes can be active at same moment. So, select mode does not restrict access to operators.
That is operator that decides what to do with selection. If selection does not match operator purpose ; there is a warning message.

So, you can assign a shortcut to Delete Vertices. It will delete edges and faces, too.
Problem is that can delete more than expected.
By default, there is no smart operator that will make a difference according to select mode, you are using.
So, it would imply to use an addon for that. I don’t know if somebody made one.

Not quite like that for ctrl+x. It’s a “dissolve selection”, it even takes into account which selection mode you’re in. So, say, with the same two faces selected it will behave differently when you’re in face mode, edge mode or vertex mode. It will even behave differently yet again if you’re both in edge and face selection mode at the same time (though I don’t know if that case is actually covered in code, or current behavior is incidental).

“Not quite like that for ctrl+x.”

Sorry, I’m not quite sure what you mean by that - It goes like you described, I know it based on having used the tool that I can dissolve verts, edges, faces and combinations of those. For example having vert + face mode enabled, ctrl + x operates predictably.

It’s just that you described it as “dissolve any components”. “Any” as in “irrespective of mode”. Bleh, it’s sometimes so hard to talk about tools unambiguously :crazy_face:

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"So, you can assign a shortcut to Delete Vertices. It will delete edges and faces, too.
Problem is that can delete more than expected."

I’m aware of the tool behavior you explained.

However, the question was how to allow me to decide and worry about what I delete, I don’t like opinionated software design, If I want to delete a vertex (I know and can see what it deletes with it) I want it to happen, not that software asks me if I really really want to do that :slight_smile: - same goes for edge and face selections. This is possible without any problems in other software and is a common practice.

I already made an addon, a while back but it broke because of addon registration changes done in 2.80 and I’m not a Blender expert, but I’ll try to fix it and can share it. I think the old version might be posted here some years ago.

I am just saying that delete operator is older than existence of select modes.
And it was not rewritten to take them into account, contrary to dissolve operator that is relatively recent.

You can specify 3 different shortcuts to delete vertices, delete edges, delete faces to delete them directly without passing by popup menu.
But to use a unique shortcut for these 3 cases, you need a custom operator or waiting that an official dev creates one.

Hope they fix this some day. It is not the most important thing in the world but just annoying.

Anyway, I only want to press a single shortcut - if I remember correctly, what I did… went like this.

If you select a vert, and press alt+del, it deletes it. If you select an edge, and press alt+del, it deletes it. If you select a face it does the same. If you are in multi selection mode, it favors face>edge>vert hierarchy, so face + edge/vert selection results in only faces being removed. Edge and vert selection results in only edges being removed… But that is just my opinion how it should work.

Here is the fixed add-on I created… hope I pasted the correct version:

Hi, can you help me. I cant make it work for me. Did everything like in the description. Maybe you have same suggestions?

I may have modifier the script to work for 2.8 and 2.9 as I still seem to have it working. Let me check it and I’ll get back to you tomorrow - if you still need this script.

I checked the script.

I had changed it a bit, but not much. I installed it into Blender 2.92 beta, and it worked OK at least for me.

Note - I can’t remember why, but add-on doesn’t work with multi-component selection now. There might have been some issue with it. So have only one component type active in your toolbar when pressing shift + delete, otherwise no component will be deleted. But if you need this feature, let me know.

Anyway - I updated the gist in Github, so if you still need this, copy the code from gist / download the file and install it. See the script how to install (I updated the text).

There should be no need to add a keyboard shortcut manually, once you have installed the add-on, it should start working. Of course you can change the shortcut if need be.

Here is a link to updated code:

Thank you! I will check it today

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