Is it possible to delete faces with in an animation?

I tried posting this in Animation, but I guess I’ll try here.

As an experiment, started by creating a mesh cube and subdividing it. Next I inserted a mesh absolute vertex key in frame 1. Then I forwarded to frame 30. In this frame I deleted a face and inserted a second key. However, when I went to animate the object, The face was gone from the object in all 30 frames. I’m just wondering what I am doing wrong. Any advice

you are trying to change the number of faces in a mesh where you use vertex keys

you shouldn’t do that…

see if you can get the build effect to do what you want, and leave that face there.

the problem with deleting faces or verts where you use vertex keys [relative vertex keys would have major trouble] is that the mesh can become what I would consider corrupted where edges and faces are on the wrong verts. It can be done reasonably when you are using a halo material [because only verticies are drawn], but blender doesn’t have capabilities to handle fixing faces when the number of verticies change.

but from your description you misunderstand vertex keys

you insert them before modifying the mesh

you can select which key you are modifying in the ipo window, the keys show up as horizontal bars of different colors.

You could fake it though by removing the face and extruding it to cover the hole. Then in frame 30 you just drag it back to expose the hole.


Try to control it as a separate object, and when you don’t need it, just get rid of it.

Just make the face invisible in the edit buttons.

Could you use the Alpha setting to make the face invisible or even fade out, I know this wont work for all types of work, but its a possibility?

Ken :slight_smile:

You could also use a layer key and move the ‘deleted’ faces to a different layer that isn’t rendered.