Is it possible to delete groups?

The manual on groups is rather sparse of information on this. It tells you how to create groups and to add members to it, but it says nothing about how to delete members from specific groups or how to delete groups altogether. Can anyone help?

To remove members just select the object and click the little X button in the group settings.

Ctrl/G brings up the menu,
You can remove whatever is selected
or select the entire group to remove it.
CD’s way works too in the F7 Objects & Links Window.

Ok, I see now. thanks.Also I don’t know if you can nest groups within groups?

I’m creating a clock tower and it would be useful to be able to have a ‘clocks’ group, and within that a group for each face, and maybe even a ‘hands’ group withing that. I don’t want to use parenting as I want all the objects to be otherwise separate, but I need to be able to order them in a logical way.