Is it possible to delete older posts from when I was a child

A lot of my older art posts are from when I was in my very young teens just starting to learn Blender and in no way reflect the person/artist I am today, yet they are featured on my profile as horrible past mistakes.

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I believe you can always delete a post that was made by yourself.

When I try to delete older posts.

Hmmmmm… Then you need to ask to a moderator.

That’s kind of the point of this post. Its basically every art post I’ve made in the past idk how to properly ask for a request to delete them.

The flag:

Well holy crap, I thought that was for reporting

That is also for that.

But, probably, the right flag for that is this one:

Doesn’t seem like there’s an option there.

What do you mean with “option”? You just flag the post with the reason you would like the moderators to delete your post.

To make it easier you can copy your text and flag all the posts you want to delete with the same request text.

Please delete for me this post because…

Oh you mean the “something else” option. I was looking for a flag to specifically delete it, I guess that makes sense.

I’ll try it out, thanks!

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Yes, that’s it.