Is it possible to delete this account please?

Hi, I would like to delete this account, as I don’t use blender anymore. No post on my account has enough traffic to be considered as “helpful” for other people. Is there a way to do so ? Thanks.


We don’t delete accounts as that would break existing conversations. We can however, anonymize it for you - this will remove your username, email address and IP address from our system. Please confirm.

When the account gets anonymized, does that mean it will not be visible to google search anymore ? And if I will want to register a new account under this email, will that be possible ? Thanks.

The name gets removed, but the posts stay visible. I believe you can start a new account, yes.

Ok please do so

I request the removal of my account too please. I understand you cannot delete but only anonymize it. I confirm that I would like to have this action performed.