Is it possible to display Face Maps in edit mode?

Are there any means to display Face Maps in edit mode?
After closely examining shader nodes, the overlay settings and solid view options it seems impossible to display them in the same fashion as face-sets get displayed in sculpt mode. It’d be really convenient if I could see which ones are assigned to faces in different colors or even just text without needing to use the selection highlight to distinguish between many. I am not looking to use sculpt mode to paint on face-sets or preview them.

you could assign same faces to a vert group then
assign a different mat color !

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That’d really be a last resort, far too many duplicates and clutter. I suppose the feature doesn’t exist though, perhaps I’ll just mark the edges with another feature I’m not using.

face map is used only on some modifiers
might be more options in latest 2.9 version

meanwhile verts group are probably best option!

good luck
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