Is it possible to do this?


Is it possible to assign different colours and image textures etc etc to different faces of a mesh? This would come in especially handy after performing a ‘join selected meshes’ operation, which I’m doing all the time.


Marco :slight_smile:

Material Textures can be assigned to (up to) 16 individual Materials:

UV Textures should be carried over whth Ctrl-J.


You can do it from the edit buttons. You’ll find material number arrows/inputs, and also selection/assignment buttons, to select faces by material number, or to assign a given material number to the faces you’ve selected.

ok. ta :slight_smile:

I was able to get some (happy go lucky) results, guess t’ll take some time to learn all the motions yet.

Marco :slight_smile:

Jel, I was looking for those material number arrows/inputs and couldn’t find them… What tab are they in?

same here … I get a little input box saying ‘1< >1’ or something to that effect but I can’t change anything…

plz use the link that Fligh gave you; read first paragraph Editing buttons (F9), Link and Materials Panel, right-hand side.There’s even a picture that shows you what it looks like.

Scrolled right over the link and didn’t see it. Thanks!