Is it possible to do voices alone?


One that sticks out in my mind is the incredible Michael Shapiro, who did many of the characters in the Half-Life series… but most importantly somehow miraculously pulled off the feat of doing both Barney Calhoun and The G-Man!!! Dude must posses supreme vocal powers. Get him and you are g-t-g.


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I already voiced myself as G-Man enhanced and remastered dialogue sounds…etc. Including my voice of Duke Nukem.

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I wonder what is the setting for Eric Cartman’s voice.


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Probably lisping and squeaky voice sounds.


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Would you like to listen my Frito Bandito(it was corn chips commercial from late 60’s early 70’s)the carricature of Mexican/Latino american cowboy-like person including karaoke song sponsoring food snack back then(I didn’t know anything about that commercial when I was a kid in 90’s I watched some Cartoon Network re-released Looney Tunes cartoons) Mel Blanc was still alive(nostalgic stuff)and Sean Connery was much younger portraying role of agent 007 aka James Bond that I recorded my voice by using my smartphone?


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I hope this voice of Ugandan Chungus will work properly at this time.
Adult swim sense of humor
Here’s an inspiration and idea how to make Mel Blanc’s voice for Ugandan Chungus on VR Chat


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Although this thread is now years old, we have better abilities to do audio work than ever before. You can get excellent results from your computer, or maybe even from your phone, if you attach a good microphone to it and record in quiet conditions.

The originally-suggested open source software, Audacity, is better than ever – although if you have a Mac you always have GarageBand too. A wide variety of digital voice filters will add many effects to your voice … you hear them being used in virtually every “pop music” song these days.

So, in the modern day, “you have an embarrassment of riches” to work with.


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This is a gem of a thread. Lots of useful information I hear for the first time.


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Instead of mediafire link I decided to reupload it on YouTube.I hope the quality is a little bit better and little bit refreshed with minor changes,but without any differences.I just ported it from smartphone into computer.



Me and wifey inherited a couple really nice balanced mics (her dad was in radio), and we have a Samson S-Mix mixer… this yields incredible VO results, even when going to mini plug into Audio In on mobo… I have never tried newer stuff, that presumably uses Optical Audio cables and whatnot… And don’t have time to research that, or the need to really, but if anyone wants to do VO on the cheap, maybe look into used balanced mics and cheap mixers on eBay/craigslist etc…


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Anyway I have Singstar microphones at my home.By the way I optimized my Frito Bandito voice at this time I used envelope tool and change pitch on Audacity.Do I sounded like voice of original Speedy Gonzalez?


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If you’re confident in your skills in doing multiple impressions then go for it. If you cringe at the sound of your own voice then probably no without a lot of practice. There are a lot of affordable options out there for voice overs like Fiver [Voice over]. For short and sweet sounds like grunts and moans ect you could use Envato elements it’s a per month subscription but you can cancel after one month if you don’t need it anymore and plus you get access to whole bunch of other resources that could be helpful. You could go the robot voice path but unless its actually robots it would probably sound awful. If you’re totally broke and you’ve the time then you could hunt around the internet and get what you need but it would likely be very time consuming. Perhaps students at a local college media course. Hope you get it sorted.


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Yeah thanks for a advice I’ll keep it in mind.