Is it possible to duplicate an object up to 30 times?

In short, I have an object and I want to duplicate it 30 times and put one on top of another without having to pass it to another layer, and then those 30 objects I want to scale from the initial object to + 15% of 1% in 1% and up to -15% in 1% in 1%

It can be done in some way as a macro.

Is that each of these 30 objects I want to make a few cuts and go measuring the perimeters, but this work with MAY + D the duplicate becomes heavy when there are so many objects, likewise the scaling to increase or decrease as well.

I use blender, but if someone gives me some idea to do it in another application, I would appreciate it.

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Have you tried using Array modifier? Or array other object and instance your object to it’s face/verticle so you have different copies of the same item anyway.

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there is also dupli verts or faces !

how do you want to locate all these objets ?

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Well I want to locate them one on top of the other on the same axis.

Use array modifier with a control object such as an empty. Scaling the empty will scale the objects.

i think group instancing is what you want