Is it possible to edit multiple keyframes at once in Blender?

Blender has done some wonky stuff, due to it’s seeming inability to always keyframe all changes… Now I’m left with broken animation, which is reversible with a simple tweak to any single frame… but there are many many frames…

How can I propagate the changes made on one frame in the viewport with the grab tool to all the other frames desired?

Surely this is possible?

A simple translation? Bring up an operator panel to see how far you translated it. Undo the operation. Select all keyframes you want to effect-- you can edit any number of keyframes at once. Translate (grab), enter the appropriate value in the operator panel (assuming you were doing it by eye before, and want something exact.)

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Problem is that the change is occurring in local space and so they are very much chaotic values. Further, I need to be able try several variations and run the animation to be sure I’m getting the desired result…

What you suggest is in no way iterative at all and will be quite the stumbling block. Are you aware of no other way?

I’ll plod on through, but for the sake of Blender, surely what I’m looking for is a feature somewhere?

Surely the code required to modify one frame from action in the viewport is nearly identical to application for several frames, as it’s strictly a linear operation with the exact same values applied!?

Yes, if you wanted to script something, it ought to be pretty straightforward. But if moving keyframes doesn’t do what you wanted, then you have to consider that there are a lot of different ways to do “the exact same thing” to multiple objects/keyframes, at the very least, move in local vs world space, and that it might not be so straightforward when you sit down to do it.

Couldn’t tell you more without more info about what you’re trying to do.