Is it possible to exclude materials in Freestyle?


Is it possible to exclude some materials of an object when using Freestyle?

I haven’t used Freestyle very often so I’m not very familiar with it. I have a single object with 4 materials and I wanted to exclude 3 of them from the Freestyle lines. The only one to apply the Freestyle would be the “body” material, the other 3 are details within the “body” bounds that shouldn’t render any line at all.

Thanks in advance.

You can’t do it with the materials panel. But you can achieve the same effect.

Probably the best way is to use the “Groups” tab with Freestyle.

Assign the objects you want to appear with a certain outline style (or any style) to groups. Then, in the Render Layer tab, where you set up your “Line Set” for Freestyle, select the “Groups” tab and assign the line set to that group. You can use this to assign line sets to particular groups of objects, or to include or exclude groups from being outlined.