Is it possible to export an unpainted version after vertex painting a mesh?

I have another post dealing with exporting mesh. If that situation cannot be resolved, I’d like to start over with an unpainted model.

Does anyone know if it is possible to export the mesh model base (the mesh without any of the paint on it) after it has been unwrapped and vertex painted?

I made a lot of modifications to the model while it was painted, but I would like to keep the model and start the entire painting process again.

BTW, the canvas never received any of the paint (the previous problem).

Also, I’m using Blender v2.59.

Thank you,

I doubt that your vertex paint is causing a conflict with your texture painting. It looks to me like just vertex painting your model all white would effectively reset it.

Unfortunately, when I paint the mesh vertices white, the model has no definition or detail.

It looks like a stretched out marshmallow with appendages. :smiley: