Is it possible to export animation cache data from Maya and apply it to a look dev mesh in Blender?

I’m use to keeping this whole process within Maya, usually using a geocache to transfer animation from a character’s animation scene to their final look dev render scene. But going from Maya to Blender has been difficult.

It doesn’t look like there are any native cache data sets that can be exported from an animated mesh in Maya to an identical mesh in Blender. Alembic seems to bring in the character’s geo with the animation, but the scale is off and I have no way of applying the toon shaders to this model. And it looks like there’s an ‘add modifier’ option for my look dev character, but it only takes ‘MDD’ or ‘PC2’ point caches. I can’t get either of these cache data codes out of Maya, but I’m not sure if there are plugins that could help with that?

We would really love to integrate Blender into our pipeline, so any advice would be greatly appreciated from the community!

Also if it helps, our current setup is getting a 3D model of our character from artists that made said model in blender, then bringing the FBX into Maya to rig and animate. That same model from the artist in blender is what is being used for the look dev file and getting the shaders/lighting applied.