Is it possible to generate a texture map?

I do some game programming and I do all my models using Blender. I’m currently texturing one of my levels and was wondering if Blender had the capability to generate a texture map. For example, right now, i’m texture my level using multiple images - can Blender put all of those images into one texture map so I end up with one texture image that I can use. My main reason for wanting this is that game performance improves with fewer images used to texture a level. All help is greatly appreciated.

Baking or Rendering(shadeless)!

This is more dependent on your game engine than on Blender. If your engine supports texture atlases then the trick becomes how to get the data from Blender to that format.

Hi. Try this:

1.Make sure under Texture panel that all your textures are mapped and ASSIGNED to their correct UV (default is UVmap). You’ll probably get an “Feedback loop error” later on if they’re not.
2. Create a new UV group and highlight it.
3. Join the objects you want one texture for.
4. In UV editor create a new blank image for your new UV map.
5. You’ll notice that all the objects UV’s are overlapping. Hit Ctrl P to fit all the islands into the image. If you want fix any minor stretching and disproportion that will occur. Try to fit in everything as tight as possible.
6. Bake Textures to the new image and save!
7. In edit mode separate your objects by selecting everything then Ctrl V>Separate>By loose…

Hope this helps :slight_smile: