is it possible to get a 3d model with no seams ?

will using zbrush with blender give a model with no visible uv seams ?
is it even possible for the average person to create a seamless 3d model.
or sould i try and simply hide the seams?
i tried substance painter but always got seams (even when using tri-planer projection).
and every complaint i found on the allgorithmic forums on seams dosen’t end with a seamless model.
and i tried using zbrush but my model turned out so bad it had more seams then there where uv seams.
i sould say am a beginner with both programs and i need to know the answear so i wont drive myself insane trying to get rid of seams

No. When a model is manifold, usable UV layout can’t work without seams no matter what program is used. It’s how it’s textured that makes the seams disappear or stay visible.

Don’t know what average means, but it is possible to create a model that has no visible seams

How to get there depends on the model, textures used, wanted result and the use case.