Is it possible to have 2d png people/characters automatically aligned to view?

Is it possible to have a 2d PNG image (like a person in a blender scene) automatically align to the viewing angle? I have an interior scene and I need a bunch of 1970s era people, I cant find the models so I figured 2d png cutouts…however, Id love if they would outomatically rotate (only on the z axis) so they’re always facing the viewing/camera angle when Im moving around to get different views. Does that make sense? I believe sketchup does this.

As an aside, I read that there’s some software that converts 2d images of people into 3d models…that would be useful. Does anyone know which specific software that is?

You’re going to want to import those PNG files as planes. There’s an add on called Images as Planes that will help you impot them.

Select the plane, go to Constraints header, select a Damped Track constraint and set the Camera as a Target. Then select an axis you want a plane to lie on.

I just quickly tested this and it works with the plane I’m messing with atm.

This is the forum post I just found about it.


Thank you. This seems to work. WIll test out with several people and report back.

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Works nicely. Thanks again!

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btw using “Locked Track” allows you to lock the y-axis so the plane only rotates on the z axis to the camera. That works perfectly.

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