Is it possible to have a face with more than four edges?

Reading Blender For Dummiesa and it says that your faces can only have three or four faces (tris or quads.) But it also says that n-gons were being worked on wondering if it’s possible yet.

Ngons were only possible since blender 2.63 (April 2012)

Its possible since bmesh has been integrated. I would not recommend it though.If you really want to control the way your mesh topology, stick with tris and quads.

I’m foreseeing the next thread this man posts… “Why am I getting these artifacts and tears in my faces?”

if you don’t use animaton with deformations you can have ngons
it is not a problem it is a feature of blender now

but for time being i think it does not allow to add loop throught Ngon so it is more difficult to control the topology of you mesh

sorry but
if ngons were such a problem it would not have been integrated into blender or any other major 3D soft!

have fun with ngons

Ngons are fine as long as it´s not supposed to be organic or animated or some other kind of complex mesh where you´d need to put loopcuts through the Ngon.

Since everyone is throwing in short snippets of advice I’ll add mine: n-gons are most useful if you think of them as a scaffolding tool. You can use them as intermediate geometry, sort of a placeholder while you’re working out proper topology for whatever your goal may be. You can make them and use them as you go along, but in general your goal should be to eliminate them in the final mesh. ElensAnima is right that in those limited cases, they usually don’t do any harm, but the best practice is to work toward quads.

Yeah Ngons are perfect for if you’re modeling a cube.