Is it possible to have an effect on 3d object with displace modyfier

I was looking for the answer from title and I couldn’t find any thread/video which would have correct answer to this problem.

I want to makie displacement like “displacement output” in shader editor which looks like this

But with displacement modifier I can only bump one “side” (let’s say normal) on time (even that I have selected coordinates: UV - not in the picture ;v but belive me :wink: )

I only can see that it works with blender bulit-in textures such as clouds/noise etc.

I’m struggling with this for 2 hours and I think that’s impossible ;(
Do you have any solutions or it’s impossible to make it in modifier way
Thank you for help!

Check your UVs. From the screenshot named ‘1123121’ it’s rather obvious that the left side of the house has its UVs squashed into a line. Displacement is there, it’s just repeating the same samples.

It’s not any “face” of building (only window frames)

I found the solution and I’m stupid :wink: - It was all because of rebuild modifier - I thought that it will work like subsurf modifier but It doesn’t… so I just applied rebuild modifier and added subsurf and it all works with UV