Is it possible to have an preset pull down list for dimensions in Geometry Nodes ( My first build)

Hi All,
Platform test.blend (1.0 MB)
is there an option for a pull down list of preset sizes?
for example I have created a simple platform ( my first ever geometry node build).
It has 4 base board panels, left, right, front and back and are controlled by input fields for the width (X) and Depth (Y).
The Platform has a base plate also controlled by input fields for the width (X) and Depth (Y).
The height is controlled by an input field for the platform height, which is a math node setup of base height = platform height - base plate height.

So My end goal is a preset Pull down list with the default option is the base X & Y dimensions is equal to the Platform X & Y dimensions and second option where the base boards are set inwards by 0.03m on all sides.
Also if the second option is selected a hidden cube node is revealed/activated. ( this will be a strip shape that I’ll create)

Last can give the options in the pull down list titles such as " standard" rather than a numeric value?

Sorry the long explanation, just wanted to make sure I covered everything as this is my first Geometry node build.

any help for any part would be Fab