Is it possible to have HDR in the game engine, with automatic eye adjustment?

I have an idea for a game, where the textures would be baked in and in HDR, and the camera would adjust exposure based on the brightness of the scene, as many games I’ve seen on the ps3 can do. I was wondering if this is possible in Blender? If not, I’m going to have to somehow adapt my baked textures somehow, as parts of my level are very bright and other parts are very dark, and neither will look good by default. Also, a bloom effect might be cool for parts of the scene that are “brighter than white”

You can use material nodes in the BGE to change material settings according to the camera’s position. The Yo Frankie team used this method to fake mist in GLSL. You can find out more here and here

Hope this helps!

Check out Martinish’s thread here. It has a GLSL shader based HDR and many, many other goodies.

That looks like exactly what I need, thanks, I’ll be sure to try it out!